March 25, 2017
skype for Rawalpindi

Skype Tuition Inquiry 25-Mar-2017

Intermediate (Punjab Board) Subject-Computer Science for Skype or Home Tuition
February 24, 2017
teacher meeting with the parents

Tips for Parents & Teacher Meeting – Part III

You will lessen worry and irritation (nothing is more puzzling to the uninitiated than drifting around those look-alike school foyers difficult to find the exact classroom) and makes parents feel extra welcome.
February 7, 2017
PTM, Parents & Teacher Meeting

Tips for Parents & Teacher Meeting- Part 2

Allow enough time, plan ample time for the conference. Fifteen to Twenty five minutes is generally sufficient.
February 4, 2017
skype for Rawalpindi

Skype for Academics

Earlier in this week I shared a post that explains the usefulness of Skype App in academics now I share with you here some different techniques […]