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Skype as an Instrument for Educational Purpose

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Skype Class

Since in an era of online revolution many of us used Skype as a communication and instructional tool but now in these days the same is using for academic purposes too. Skype software permits communication (audio, video, and text) between and among different electronic devices (computers, mobile phones, android phones, etc.) over the web.


There are various methods you can deal out with this “Social App”. The technique for online class I have found to work healthy with Skype is entitled with Mikogo. The free version of the application allows for Web conferencing for up to 10 participants at on one occasion. So, for example you might have a group of 7 or 8 students and you want the group to view while you narrate. First you would invite each student to connect the conference. You would have a concurrent register of attendance and who is now online. I will generally call the name and ask the students to acknowledge out loud, and they acknowledge the rest of the class, I perform this to check their electronic connection for avoiding any trouble and it works for me as classroom management too. I go through the Skype Class same like a conventional class, noting and talking about student comments and using watchful questioning.


I have found by experiential testing that between 60 to 90 minutes is the nearly all a group can handle of this type of teaching in one sitting. For novice users and beginners with the technology, I asked them to use their laptop into the conventional class and go after along while I teach. When they gain more self-assurance and ease with the technology, they make decision to attend the class from their home or office. Students attend while on holiday, traveling or professional business from anywhere in the world. I have taught using this method from my home and a conventional classroom. You can also utilize the video and audio form here as well, but only if desired and I would recommend 7 or less students. So small group teaching might be aided in this way, when the visual mode really adds to the educational behavior.


I will occasionally write on PowerPoint or a blank paper, lecture notes, ideas, definitions, etc. You can also automatically save your active discussions and notes and give out them to the group or class later. The second application is to use Skype to present a visitor from around the globe. You generate a one-to-one video call with your guest spokesman using Skype.

Umair W. Temuri
Umair W. Temuri
My name is Umair W. Temuri, I am an educationist, working in this field since 2009.

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