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February 4, 2017
teacher meeting with the parents
Tips for Parents & Teacher Meeting – Part III
February 24, 2017
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Tips for Parents & Teacher Meeting- Part 2

PTM, Parents & Teacher Meeting

Teacher meeting with the parents

Speak to Parents Before Time

You’ll acquire your connection with parents inedible to a good beginning if you contact them early in the session, possibly with a letter or circular sent home to all students. Provide parents a sketch of what their kids will be studying, and let them know you’ll be pleased to meet with them throughout the year. (Be certain to speak how and when they may contact you for meeting.)

Allow enough time, plan ample time for the conference. Fifteen to Twenty five minutes is generally sufficient. If you’re setting up continuous conferences, be confident to allow adequate time among them (5 minutes or so) so you can create required notes on the just-accomplished meeting and get ready for the upcoming one.

Be organized to answer precise questions parents may have. They’re possible to ask questions such as:-

– What is my child’s skill level?
– Is my child working up to his/her strength?
– How is my child doing in particular topics or subject?
– Does my child cause any problem?
– Does my child lack any particular talents or skills in learning?

Get your papers prepared in advance and gather your score book, test papers, and tests of the student’s work, attendance report and other relevant data simultaneously in advance with this approach you won’t be doing awkwardly through heaps on your school desk throughout the conference.

Umair W. Temuri
Umair W. Temuri
My name is Umair W. Temuri, I am an educationist, working in this field since 2009.

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