The Good Teacher Makes the Poor Student Good, and The Good Student Superior

Abu Yamaan Tutors (AYT) is a collegiate group of around 100 school teachers who work or have worked at independent schools or universities of Pakistan and provide online or Skype tutoring service for families residing outside the Pakistan such as USA, UK & Australia or New Zealand. We are a small organization who has been operating in Karachi for almost 7 years.

How we differ from others is the fact that we are classroom teachers who provide home tuition side by side online tuition in our spare time e.g. evenings after school, at weekends and during the holidays. Students and teachers generally get in touch with us by word-of-mouth. Families, who use us, pass on us to their friends & relatives. Teachers of top schools also refer students to us.

We are specialized, sophomoric and gracious but our philosophy is not one of a highly profitable organization by itself. We can assist your child with their schoolwork, exam system and revision skills. Our tutors' aid to support and consolidate what your child is learning at school, giving them the self-assurance to succeed.