March 31, 2017
online tutoring

The Benefits of On the internet Tutoring

Internet learning assistance, on a brief note, engages the method of teaching via an internet source. Different from conventional tutoring, with the online set-up the teacher and the student are detached physically, generally across a major distance and join to each other online.
March 29, 2017

Rewards of Learning Online

All of you heard about online education and thought how amazing it would be to "focus" lectures, take exams, and cooperate with tutors and classmates through chat rooms, without going to any coaching centers or institutes?
March 25, 2017
skype for Rawalpindi

Skype Tuition Inquiry 25-Mar-2017

Intermediate (Punjab Board) Subject-Computer Science for Skype or Home Tuition
February 24, 2017
teacher meeting with the parents

Tips for Parents & Teacher Meeting – Part III

You will lessen worry and irritation (nothing is more puzzling to the uninitiated than drifting around those look-alike school foyers difficult to find the exact classroom) and makes parents feel extra welcome.